Kitchen Hand

Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia


Screamin' Veemis


We’re Screamin’ Veemis (Vee-meeze) and we’re for hungry people. We're a fast casual restaurant in the business of good food and coffee, keeping it simple and getting the basics right.

There’s a bit of Vietnam going on here at 9 Darby Street, but it’s not all Pho and rice paper. Our sandwiches have had but a kiss of Vietnam: a pinch of coriander here and a dash of pickled vegetables there.

As delicious as our sandwiches and drinks are or as inspiring as our décor is, what will actually make us famous is the service provided by our team of ‘Screamers’ (yes, that’s what we call each other).

We have some big plans for Screamin’ and if you want to be part of the team, you must be willing to work for great pay.

Right now we are hiring for the role of kitchen hand. You must exude positivity and great energy - that’s what we mean by ‘having a motor’.

Aside from helping us make Screamin’ amazing, you’ll need to want to help make the world amazing too. As well as incredible food and coffee, our aim is to help feed the hungry. And we need your help.

You must be up for the possibility of travelling overseas to a wicked cafe to learn from the best. You must also be up for the chance to travel overseas and lend a hand to those in need. We'll pick up the cost, you just pick up the experience.

If this sounds rad to you, you might sound rad to us. Send us your resume and include a GIF that best describes you (oh yeah, it’s a legit request).

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